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Monday, December 20, 2010

Not Just A Dollop

Sour cream in my book is a food group on its own. It goes with everything from latkes to vegetables to soups (the list goes on and on). The white creamy thick substance has been a childhood favorite of mine, I could spoon it. My first taste was at my grandparents house in St. Petersburg, Russia served with the classic beet soup...borscht. In my case of course it was more that the borscht was served with the sour cream. It's never just a dollop for me. Sour cream to Russians is similar to Ketchup to Americans...when in doubt it's the chosen condiment. My favorite "salad" was and still is cucumbers, tomatoes, dill and sour cream (smetana). Simple but yum nonetheless. Unfortunately, the only time I see sour cream around NY is at Mexican restaurants and possibly a baked potato bar. If ever asked "would you like sour cream with that?" my answer is always "DA!".

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