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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pastrami, and Turkey, and Corned beef! Oh, my!

Being a carnivore and reading the title of this posting alone is enough to get a mouth watering. But then you find out there's more to the meaty equation. Deli-roll definition simply put: sliced deli meats rolled up in a puff pastry and baked to a golden brown flakey yumness. That is the dry definition. I tried this hearty appetizer for the first time in the city where the heat is on, Miami. Some people come home speaking of the spicy paella, the American/Cuban food concoctions, maybe even the life-size drinks served on Sobe. I come home speaking of the Jewish deli-roll. This is a great dish for adventurous cooks who adore simplicity. Why adventurous you ask? Because any and every possible sauce or dressing can be shmeared on in between the meaty layers. Everything and anything but the kitchen sink is feasible. I helped partake in making one of two deli-rolls but was not the chief chef. Here you take phyllo dough or puff pastry dough (the latter is my preference) slap some mustard or BBQ sauce or maybe for the hot lovers some tabasco/hot sauce onto the moist dough. 2nd comes the deli meat of choice, let's say Pastrami. 3rd step is another sauce to spread...whatever your heart desires, mine desired honey and Dijon mustard and then of course...another layer of meat! Turkey it is. And so it goes until you have essentially a meat and dough lasagna.

This doughy meat lovers goodness should be exuding every sauce and dressing when you are at the finish line. From my taste buds experience, the messier it looks = better it tastes. Now this is probably the toughest part of the process: roll up time! You don't want to lose one of the protagonists of the recipe so make sure to roll carefully and tightly. Basted with a little egg I was taught from a proficient deli-roll connoisseur, makes this dish shine like the sun and obtain that extra crusty top. Pop it into the oven for half hour and ta da! Anyone who loves food won't be able to resist. Be careful with cutting it to serve as I couldn't resist eating as I cut...if it were up to me I'd cut a slice for the table...a slice for me....slice for the table...and another por moi! Sounds fair to me. Most flavorsome slab: the end of the roll. Be careful not to get too hooked otherwise the deli roll will have you rolling down the street.

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