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Monday, April 11, 2011

Stanton Makes Me Social

The Stanton Social

99 Stanton StreetNew York, NY 10002(212) 995-0099

Tapas! What part of that concept is there not to love? You get a little bit of everything and don’t walk away feeling like a “house on legs”. At The Stanton Social, the plush red leather cushioned couches beckon you to sit, unwind and take in this “Clubstaurant’s” elegant surroundings, garnished with people watching at its

Sleek, Chic & Socially Arranged for Maximum Exposure
best.  Wall-to-wall wine holders and flickering candles create a chic yet suggestively relaxing environment. Champagne or fine wine anyone? The whole operation is run efficiently… like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory! Well-oiled, perfectly groomed employees in adorable uniforms, more fashionable than the Oompa Loompa jump suits, move briskly about with a sense of urgency. This “factory” has a much wider range of tasty items to choose from besides chocolate and candy though, so pull up a cushion and I’ll tell you more.
The upstairs lounge where my dining companion and I were sat is designed with the name of the restaurant in mind…very social. The couches are all connected with square cocktail tables in front, making it uber-convenient to speak with your neighbor’s for the evening, voluntarily or not. The atmosphere and crowd is Eurotrash meets Trendy Upper East Side Social-Light…edgy but still classy.

The Stanton Social's Signature Onion Soup Dumplings
Patrons in the mood for your not-so-typical shmata- sporting, grandmother’s Potato Perogies and other restaurant-staples, will definitely enjoy The Stanton Social’s signature spin on French Onion Soup Dumplings. This twist on a couple classics is the ultimate foodie craving! These small juicy poppers deliver gooey cheese, broth drenched bread and the musky, flavorsome onions all in one large mouthful. The crock these delicious munchkins come in has perfectly designed holes to fit each dumpling like a glove. Perhaps this crock was once used for traditional escargot? Warm oozing cheese envelops the tops of these dumplings and forms over the side of the crock giving it a crispy cheese crust. Though these dumplings are the house specialty, my favorite dish of the night was the Goat Cheese Perogies.
The Potato Perogie filled with creamy Herb Goat Cheese and served with a Truffled Crème Fraiche is something worth sending me to Overeaters Anonymous for. Before our extremely friendly and touchy waitress could even come over to ask if we were enjoying our food, these babies were gone. In frigid New York City’s winter weather, when you don’t even want to step outside, a comfort food such as this hits the spot. Come out from your winter hibernation New Yorkers, and warm up at The Stanton Social.
As I visually browsed the restaurant, I noticed the crowd was generously sprinkled with perfectly dressed businessmen, complete with their wispy pocket squares peeking out of jacket pockets. After all, someone has to take care of the bill for all the socialites and fashionistas on hand. Many A-List Celebrities make The Stanton Social a regular stop when in Manhattan too, so keep your eyes open.

Red Snapper Tacos Make The Scene
My eyes stopped roving the crowded restaurant the moment my Red Snapper Tacos were dished-up. These crispy tortillas piled with meaty red snapper were delicious when dipped into the accompanying Creamy Avocado Sauce. A smidgen of Mango Salsa placed into each taco made for a refreshing aftertaste. Featuring only three small tacos, this dish is still quite substantial.
After sitting down with us and pouring on the attention (a nice touch), our waitress brought out a chocolate concoction so rich and appealingly presented, it was truly a masterpiece. The chef’s detail-oriented brush presented us an artistic palette covered with a Chocolate Panna Cotta, Molten S’mores Cake, and Chocolate Mousse Cup with cookie crumbles at the bottom, homemade bite-sized Peppermint Patties, and Chocolate Dulce De Leche ice cream.

The Cranberry Flower Martini is Socially Refreshing
I don’t think there could be more chocolate successfully involved on just one plate. I could see myself getting deep here, as the chocolate tasting did me in. I was hooked. The peppermint patties were sweet; the mint not overpowering, and all coated in a splendid dark chocolate shell. The runner up on this tasting plate was the waist-threatening Mousse Cup
Although the service could have been a bit quicker, the ever dutiful waitress’s caring approach and pleasant personality more than made up for the slow moments. Of course it is always very busy in this New York City social club. If you believe in the concept “sharing is caring” then come drink the kool-aid, straight up or on the rocks, and join the socially dynamic scene nightly at The Stanton Social.

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