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Monday, April 11, 2011

Rocco's Modern Cappuccino

Down in the not-so-little area called the West Village, stands an Italian pasticceria, otherwise know as Pasticceria Rocco. This Italian bakery's cappuccino gives Italy a run for it's Euro. Since I stopped drinking coffee months ago, for the most part, I still enjoy the flavor just not the aftermath so much. Typically after finishin a cup of joe I feel like a bouncy ball from one of those 25 cent machines, bouncing off the walls for the remainder of the day. Unlike, Starbucks burnt strong disaster of a brew, Rocco's sends you packing with a light yet strong beverage. Their coffee is great but their cappuccino is what beckons me to come back for more. The perfect accompaniment  to their cappuccino is their Baba Rum.

    Cake soaked in rum syrup filled with gooey cream

While the cappuccino is light and airy, the Baba Rum is dense, sweet and has a smooth cream center. You have the option of vanilla custard filling or the cannoli cream but the cannoli cream in this situation is the hare while the vanilla custard undoubtably the turtle, surpassing it by far. For those not familiar with Baba Rum (one of my most favorite desserts) it is a rum soaked sponge cake, cut in half and stuffed with a generous (or should be at least) helping of cream. Does any of that equation sound non-appealing? I didn't think so.

Rocco's offers trays upon trays of dessert options including black and white cannolis, hamantashen, pistachio biscotti and Italian lulu pastries.Their cakes are noteworthy as well. I go solely for my regular favorites but do give the runners up a chance.

I have to admit the second the barista brings me my to-go cup, I inhale the cloud-like foam on top and ask for another ladel helping for the road. The Baba Rum is long gone by this point but most definitely not forgotten. For those with a colossal sized sweet tooth, pay a visit to the still family-owned Pasticceria Rocco, While Rocco himself retired last year, his 3 children carry on the tradition and family recipes with his son now the head pastry chef. Italy has never tasted so sweet.

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